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France reports increased car sales in July

Published:2013/8/2 8:57:28

 Car sales in France rose 0.9 percent in July from the same period a year earlier, the French car sales federation CCFA said Thursday.

A total of 150,248 new cars were sold in July in France, up from 148,924 units a year ago, the federation said in its monthly report.

At the end of July, sales of French brands were up by 2.5 percent boosted by improved performance of Renault.

Renault, France's second main carmaker, sold 34,850 new cars, up 4.7 percent year on year.

PSA Peugeot Citroen group, France's top carmaker, also saw its sales inching up by 0.9 percent after registering 46,973 units, according to the CCFA statement.

"We are in a period of stabilization; we feel that the precipitous drop ends. The new things helped a lot with all what has recently been launched is working very well," Francois Roudier, CCFA spokesman was quoted as saying by local media. 


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